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July 2022

Guarantees of the financing of the various methods of acquisition of the property, namely bare ownership, life annuity, forward sale.

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This Client Memorandum discusses the terms and conditions of the various acquisition methods, as well as the consequences of these acquisition methods on the lender's guarantees, particularly with regard to:

  • Acquisition in bare ownership (I):
  • Principle (A)
  • Consequences on the lender’s guarantees (B)
  • Acquisition by life annuity (II)
  • Terms of the life annuity (A)
  • Consequences on the lender’s guarantees (B)
  • Forward sale (III).


I - Acquisition in bare ownership

Having seen the principle of bare ownership of property (A), we will see the consequences of this acquisition method on the lender’s guarantees (B).


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